Information About Gardening Tools And Equipment

Garden tool gloves: Unless you have a large garden area or several containers, do not consider gardening until you have a good pair of gardening gloves. They don't need to be expensive, but the sturdy, comfortable pair will keep your hands clean and blistered. Gloves can also protect fingers from thorns, scars and lobes.


Garden tool trowel: You will definitely need to dig small holes to plant perennials, annual plants or onions or other hand trowel for small excavation operations. Garden trowels are also useful when scooping and moving soil during potting or transferring plants.


Garden Tool Garden Scissors: You may be surprised how often you rely on garden scissors to trim small branches, harvest herbs, dead corner plants, or cut flower arrangements. Again, these are useful tools for anyone.


Garden tool shovels: Although general shovels are often used for digging, they are best suited to move and lift coverings, compost, soil or gravel and other materials from one area to another.


Garden tool shovel: A shovel is even more important than a shovel, so if your budget is limited, choose a shovel and leave the shovel for later use. A good shovel can be used to dig heavy soil, break dirt, remove turf, break roots or trim flower beds.


Garden tool hoe: The hoe is mainly used for weeding and cultivation. There are many types of hoe on the market, including a triangular hoe that is particularly suitable for working in tight locations and a scuffle that cuts weeds from the surface of the soil.


Garden tool garden fork: Also known as digging fork, if you have a small and tidy yard, this tool may not be essential, but if you need to relax firm soil or rocky soil, remove the vegetation, a good garden The fork will serve you well without losing too much soil, or if you need to mix compost or other soil amendments.

Garden tool rake: If there are trees next to your house, you must use a deciduous rake. If you need to level the soil surface or use compost or fertilizer, you need to use a steel harrow. Most vegetable gardeners rely on steel rakes.