Gardening Tools Have Become Popular

Garden Tools

In recent years, garden tools have become more ergonomic in design and more comfortable in terms of materials. This has made people more and more interested in planting fruits and vegetables, because it will not be the hard work to support the family, and there is no need to worry about long-term bending or kneeling on the ground to strain the muscles and knees.

Gardening has become one of the fastest growing categories in the retail sector. According to the latest market research report released by Technavio, the global gardening tool market size is expected to reach US $ 25.63 billion by 2021.

At present, the main consumer areas of the global garden tool market are concentrated in European and American countries. Because of the high rate of private garden ownership, the United States is the world's largest consumer of garden tools. The sales of garden tools in the United States have increased by nearly 50% in the past decade, and now the annual sales are close to 400 billion US dollars.

Garden tools are very popular products even during the epidemic. Compared with e-commerce in 2019, sales of garden tools in most retail categories in the United States increased in March. Among them, electronic products increased by 26.6%; online games increased by 97%; furniture increased by 97%; DIY products increased by 136%; and gardening increased by 163%.

And thanks to the influence of art, Europe is also an active gardening market, investing more in garden tools. The value of Western European household and horticultural products is expected to reach 252.94 billion euros in 2020.